Resilience As The Foundation For Inspired Engagement

Employee Engagement Consultant Australia

Resilience is fundamental to good leadership.

Despite what many leaders think (and many actually say this to me), your teams don’t expect you to know everything, give them everything they want, part the red seas and create smooth sailing waters ahead so they never experience a bump in the road. They want communication, authentic, purposeful, timely communication.

They want to know they are valued.

Feel that you are approachable.

Collaborate with you for solutions.

According to, employees want clarity, opportunity, involvement.

From my own observations, teams respond to leaders who communicate respectfully, who they can count on, who are interested in developing a human bond with them.

They want to give the job their all, feel valued and access flexibility when their life circumstances call for it. They want to feel valued and be rewarded in ways that are meaningful to them individually. Do you know what motivates your people, like really, at the most intrinsic and gratifying level? Because I can tell you from experience, that’s what’s going get the best out of them, understanding them, responding to the as people first and professionals second.

They want some extras support and acknowledgment when times are tough. They want to feel heard, be seen and know they are known.

In short, they want the best version of your leadership self they can get.

How do you give people more of yourself? You take care of yourself better. When you start giving more to yourself, you are naturally becoming better for others. When you take the time to focus your intention because a feedback discussion, you create a space where people can hear you. When you think about the outcomes you need, you communicate with clarity and purpose. When you come from care, you connect more easily.

The rewards are better too, when you do better for others you feel better yourself. End of story.

Resilience creates the foundation for exceptional leadership because it provides a holistic model for fitness that balances the physical, emotional, social and cognitive aspects of ourselves. It supports us to become the future (best) version of our leadership self NOW.

The greatest leadership challenge I notice is most leaders are doing multiple jobs:

1.    Managing resources (people and processes) for organisational outcomes

2.    Managing our own personal development so that we can more effectively motivate, influence, inspire and advise others

3.    Managing the breakdowns that inevitably come when individuals decide to take themselves on

4.    Managing the impacts, interpersonal dynamics and conflicts which naturally arise for teams when individuals start facing off with themselves

The first is what you get paid for, the others are what get the results.

Take some time today to notice your own assumptions, frustrations, stories and intentions for your team/s and ask yourself, what can I do here and now; physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively to become a better leader.

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